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May 13, 2012
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December 3, 2012

TS Separatist Backs out of Debate

This Friday at 7 PM central on BlogTV, The separatist, Lisa McDonald will be debating that “transgender” comes from communism just backed out of the debat. I’m sure the debate will be would have been full of conspiracy theory, non-sequiturs, ad homs and lots of quote mining… and on my side you’ll get you would have gotten to see me pull lots of face palms and do my best to explain to rationally discuss the historical context of “transgender.”

This debate arose from a series of exchanges in which Lisa asserted that I was a big poo-poo head for thinking I had a right to debunk the Prince fountainhead myth:

Cristan “Big Meanie” Williams

I suggested that we debate. I then contacted her on FB because she didn’t respond. I went through the process of setting the debate up and answering all of Lisa’s questions. This weekend Lisa went on transadvocate to pretend that I’m trying to duck the debate:

“By the way what happened to our debate? I’d really, really love to have a one on one debate with you on Transgender and Communism.”

What happened to our debate?!?

You mean, the debate I announced in my last blog post?

You mean the debate arranged?

You mean the debate we’ve been talking about on FB for the last 2 weeks?


In case you’d like to read the opinion piece (I only recently figured out) Lisa wrote, you can read it here. Here’s the post in which Lisa pretends as if I’m trying to duck out of the debate. Last Wednesday I send her the embed code to host the debate on her site, we communicate on Sunday and on Sunday she goes on transadvocate and publicly writes, “By the way what happened to our debate? I’d really, really love to have a one on one debate with you on Transgender and Communism.” as if she doesn’t know what’s going on with our debate.

Kinda lame, Lisa. I’ll see you at the debate this Friday at 7 central.


UPDATE: 6/19/2012 at 12:30 

Lisa has backed out of the debate… of course:

UPDATE: 7/2/12

Lisa continues to pretend that she didn’t back out of the debate. She posted what she claims to be the “complete” email exchange on her blog, but like most of the “facts” she has on offer, that’s a falsehood. Here’s the rest of the conversation that she chose to to not publish:

I took screenshots of this exchange and have not posted it until today because I wanted to see if she would do the right thing and publish the FULL exchange instead of an edited version (which she passes off as being “complete”) on her site.  A week ago, I challenged her to post the entire exchange, but she hasn’t done it. Instead, she deleted our FaceBook exchange. (edit: the thread had been archived, not deleted)

Lisa’s pretending that since she asserts that I didn’t address a question she had, she had no idea whether or not the debate would take place. She asserts that she posted her question on transadvocate.com because she just wanted to clear up her confusion.

Since we had been, at that point, emailing back and forth for weeks, I just can’t believe that it didn’t occur to Lisa that emailing me was the proper way to ask her question and/or check in with me. It’s just not possible that Lisa is that stupid. For as wacky as her conspiracy theories are about a commie plots to force all transsexuals into a rhetorical transgender gulag, she is in school. People who are too stupid to understand that into order to directly communicate with someone, you must directly communicate with them won’t make it in school. Lisa knew what she was doing.

I suspect that she chose to “communicate” with me in the way that she did because she wasn’t actually attempting to communicate with me; rather, Lisa was trying to communicate with those who read transadvocate. I think she designed she comments to make it sound as if I wasn’t communicating with her – which was lame. The readership of transadvoate.com was her target audience, not me. I only replied to the audience Lisa chose to pose her question to.

Lisa claimed that she wanted a professional, respectful debate. Lisa lied. She misrepresented to truth for her own purposes… and continues to do so.

UPDATE: 6/29/2015

After THREE YEARS, Lisa is still at it here.


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