Dun Goofed: TS Separatist Threatens “Legal Action”

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!!!Internet Drama Alert!!!!

Warning… what follows is ridiculous internet drama. You should probably just move on because Lisa’s bawwing reaches heights heretofore unseen on this blog (which is saying something).

Lisa has threatened “legal action” against me because I referred to her falsehoods as lies. She’s calling her edited version of the email record she presented on her site a “complete” record when, in fact, it isn’t. I refereed to that as being a lie and for that, she feels that I dun goofed. She also seems to be mad that I won’t believe her story about not being sure whether the debate would happen or not. Because she’s upset, she’s gonna call teh internet police:

I’m sure the Texas Human Rights Commission will be overjoyed to hear from you Lisa. BTW, you might be interested to know that the the Texas Human Rights Commission is charged with investigating statewide employment and housing discrimination. But go ahead and bawww to them. I’m sure they’ll be as happy to hear you whine to them about the intertube drama you instigated as your local PD will be. There’s some wisdom in that last line, Lisa… maybe you should take your own advice.

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