Rewriting Trans History With 3 Simple Points

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The above represents practically all that’s wrong about the transgender coinage myth that’s been propagated over the last 20 years. Let me just put that myth to rest with 3 simple bullet points:

So, that last little fig leaf (the Virginia Prince December 1969 one-usage of transgenderal) that the Prince fountainhead myth was still clinging to has just been plucked away.

If you’re a researcher, I encourage you to read this to better understand how and why coinage myths harm the trans community. If you need an esteemed PhD to tell you that coinage stories are usually myths, here’s Dr. Daniel Dennett talking at Oxford University:

If you’re interested in understanding why these academia-propagated coinage myths fueled the TS Separatism movement and why that movement is now dead without it, read this.

And, so… to all those who’ve given me so much hell over the past year for daring to expose their beloved Prince fountainhead myths… I want you to know exactly how enjoyable this moment is for me:

Researchn’ like a boss. Yup, that’s right. Yet more awesomeness from the Houston Trans Community.

And, finally… to drive home how Prince promoted her own mythic fountainhead status, here’s how she treated trans author and activist Kate Bornstein:


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