Wherein TERFs support death threats and violence

TERF front group is fake
November 15, 2013

Wherein TERFs support death threats and violence

TERFs are falling over themselves because Fallon Fox has been beaten in the ring just once and like all MMA fighters, she boasts about her victories. TERFs, in order to pretend that this equates to male violence against women, equivocate about her MMA career in order to claim that Fox is a part of the violent patriarchy. They use this equivocation to make the assertion that trans women, acting on the instruction of an as yet, undefined ‘trans ideology,’ are violent men. A trans TERF got the vapors over this and @’ed me on twitter, demanding that I explain my apparent support of male violence.

What follows is my response and the TERF response…

My Response:

The TERF response

Oh, and then there’s this:

Note that there is ZERO condemnation regarding the IRL violent history of the TERF movement and there’s ZERO desire to actually confront The Second Closet:



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  1. […] The GCF/TERF movement is currently promoting the “trans women are violent” meme while endorsing actual, in-real-life GCF/TERF violence. […]

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