Outing the Troll’s Glass House

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July 9, 2013
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August 9, 2013

Outing the Troll’s Glass House

If you self-identify as being trans, you may have been trolled by Just Jennifer and/or Kamododragoon. Just Jennifer is Jennifer Usher and is fairly renowned for her excessive and cruel trolling of trans folk. For years, Usher has set herself up as the arbitrator of both transness and womanhood. Kamododragoon is Nick Chaleunphone is the male-identified version of Usher. Nicky began trolling me on YouTube in 2010. Usher began obsessively trolling me in 2011.

Usher‘s trolling is legendary 1.

If you really want to fool women into thinking you are one of them, and that really is the best you can hope for, as you are not, and never will actually be a woman, you might try understanding that post like the ones you have directed at Victoria Brownworth, are doing nothing to dispel the perception that you are a violent and creepy man. That’s what makes you such a source of continuing humor…your true and deep streak of complete cluelessness. – Standard Usher fare, 7/18/13

For all of those who’ve been Usher’s victims over the last decade, I give you Usher’s glass house:

My “father” on the other hand, is anything but quiet, subtle, or patient. “He” KNOWS he is the center of everything. “He”‘s got a temper, and “he” is anything but wise about his mouth.

“Dad” is anything, but a hard worker, that is. Mom was generally the breadwinner in the family. My “father” just couldn’t take the stress of working outside the home. Of course, money was tight, but that was mostly because, my “father” didn’t mind spending it all before payday. “He” did work occaionally, but that made matter even worse, because “he” couldn’t hold down a steady job.

Well, anyways, my “father” was a hot-head. He was very controlling and at times abuseive towards my mother physically. He is the type that nothing you do pleases him. He ALWAYS finds fault with something. If you don’t buy into his bullshit totally, you are against him. Yeah, he’s just a little paranoid. – Jennifer Usher’s daughter

For all of those who’ve been Nicky’s victims over the last several years, I give you Nicky’s glass house:

i’ve been soo stressed out that sometimes i wish i can go back on to the diapers. Yes, i do wear adult diapers and it’s only out of convenience and when i go out around town. I’m a lazy person when it comes to going to the bathroom. – Nick in 2007

In my diaper and just pooped in the, which means they are warm and messy – Nick on an adult babyfication site, 2012

Isn’t that the common theme of most transgender kooks such as Mr “Dana” Taylor. They have a sick sexual fetish of women and fantasize so much about trying to be one.  – Nick on Usher’s site

There’s a reason it’s advised that if you live in a glass house, one should abstain from throwing stones.

These two have – for years – viciously tormented numerous trans folk. The next time either of these trolls pretend that they’ve any moral ground to make pronouncements about you, your morality or engage in their legendarily vicious personal attacks, consider the source. If you find yourself here because you’ve discovered that you’ve landed in their crosshairs, remember that you’re not alone. These people have been at it for years. Consider the demonstrated behavior of the people who are fixated on you. Usher’s behavior isn’t normal. The behavior of her sycophant – the guy who likes sitting in his own poo while labeling you a sick fetishist – just isn’t normal.

Do yourself a favor, don’t give these people a second thought because they’re simply not worth a second of your mental energy. Chances are good that your behavior far outclasses these people. Hell, if you’ve never physically attacked a woman or gotten off on running down another while choosing to sit in your own feces, you’re light years ahead of these two.

Smirk, move on and remember that the best revenge is living well.


1.) This link is a bit of a trigger as the author (very) unfortunately engages in the same behavior that Usher is infamous for: misgendering. I link it here because it gives specific demonstrated historical facts about the veracity of Usher’s behavior. The message is from 2007 and documents some of the progression of Usher’s behavior since 1993.


  1. Zoe Brain says:

    Re Nikki – see also http://www.firehouse.com/forums/showthread.php?t=88889

    “I was diagnosed with Kallmann’s syndrome since July of 1983. I’m technically a girl by DNA, but physically male. I’m a tomboy intersex and physically, I look like a man, but, I’m genetically a girl by DNA.” — November 11, 2008

    No, he’s 46,XY. Just clueless about Intersex issues.

    • danataylor says:

      Nicky is actually a trans women who is suffering severe internalized transphobia. This is why he spent so much time trying to change the Wikipidia page for Kallmann Syndrome to include being an intersex condition. Every attempt got removed. If he claims to be a woman, why is he taking testosterone?

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