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June 30, 2013
Victoria Brownworth: I Remember
July 17, 2013

It gets worse

In the ongoing process of fact checking the award-winning journalist, Victoria Brownworth’s assertions about me, I’ve discovered yet another apparent lie. Brownworth has thus far asserted that I’ve threatened to rape her, murder her and harm her family. Brownworth has claimed that her newspaper, the Philadelphia Gay News (PGN) is filing a libel suit against me. Furthermore, Brownworth claims that she’s had to file a police report about my harassment of her.

Brownworth asserts she's filed a police report

Brownworth asserts she’s filed a police report

Yesterday I checked with her editor at PGN and verified that, in fact, Brownworth lied when she claimed that her newspaper was filing suit against me. If you’d like to fact check me, you can contact her editor, Jen Colletta ( at 215-625-8501 ext 206.

Today I checked with the Philadelphia Police Department about her claim that she’s filed a report against me. I spoke with the Report Supervisor, Ofc. Horn and he informed me that there is no such report. If you’d like to fact check me, you can contact Supervisor Horn at 215-686-1292.

Again, it seems that Brownworth lied.

Brownworth often claims that she’s won many investigative awards in an effort to substantiate her claims:

Brownworth: 'I won awards!!!'

Brownworth: ‘I won awards!’

In light of these falsehoods, I think it’s quite telling that apparently nobody has seen the damning evidence against me Brownworth claims to have collected.

As a blogger, I’m amazed that Brownworth would risk her professional reputation and drag her employer into a bunch of malicious drama. On a personal level, I’m deeply hurt. I had someone ask me if it were true that I wanted to rape Brownworth. As a rape survivor, I can’t properly express what it’s like to have someone actually consider that it’s plausible that I’ve threatened to rape someone. Brownworth put that idea into that person’s head. It feeds off of so many anti-trans memes (eg, the “bathroom meme“). It’s sickening to me that someone who’s currently writing about the trans experience and claims to be an advocate for trans folk nevertheless seems happy to focus that cultural bias against trans folk when it’s convenient substitution for evidence.

Since, according to the Philly PD, there’s no report, I’m not able to view the damning evidence Brownworth claims to have in her possession. Apparently the way the world works is that Brownworth, award-winning journalist for PGN, gets to assert these unsubstantiated horrors, gets to be caught lying, people will nevertheless believe that it’s probable that I might want to rape women and Brownworth will continue to have her stories about the trans experience published in newspapers.

If anything, my experience with Brownworth has taught me that some people seem to be constitutionally incapable of being aware of their use of privilege. They can certainly see privilege when they are confronted with it, but the blinders come up when they are the ones using their privilege to harm, objectify and/or subjugate others.

“Privilege comes with responsibility. I just keep hoping some of you will actually read what’s been written here–including the impassioned responses from queers—and start recognizing that our pain is not something to just shrug off like some irritating gnat, but actual suffering and concomitant outrage.”—Victoria Brownworth

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