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May 28, 2013
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July 9, 2013

It’s about the behavior

Some of you might be aware that I recently wrote a piece on the TransAdvocate about a journalist who talked a minor into exposing his genitals.

Over the past couple of days, this “award-winning journalist” (as she calls herself) has publicly claimed that I am threatening to rape her and harm her family:

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There’s a reason Brownworth refuses to share her documentation of my threats: it doesn’t exist.

Is this what passes for payback for Brownworth? Is the idea to lie about rape (seriously, WTF!?!) so it could be used as an ad hominem in the future? Does she think this is what putting me in my place looks like?


This behavior is unacceptable in every sense of the word.

Not too long ago I spent the better part of a year going to the Women’s Center after having a man I trusted violate me. The experience was really difficult. I had packed on close to 100 lbs after the rape. That this journalist would make claims that I’ve threatened to do that to her is beyond vile. That she would claim that I’ve threatened to harm her in any way is disgusting. That she would file a police report making those false claims is malicious.

I’ve never once called this person a bad name nor have I ever criticised her personhood. What I have done is document what she said she did and then wrote two stories (in the past 15 days) – along with screenshots of her own words (as I’m doing now) – concerning a very specific incident involving a minor. Before today, I’d not tweet’d Brownworth since the June 25th when I was working on my story about her behavior towards a minor.

I might be some nobody blogger, but even I know that before I make a fact assertion (especially about something like this), I’d better have objective evidence to back it up.

It makes one wonder where Brownworth got the idea that I’m a threat to her…


Cathy Brennan: “Cristan Williams is a violent man”


UPDATE #1: Brownworth caught lying about me and her newspaper 

UPDATE #2: Brownworth caught lying about filing a police report


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