A Challenge to GallusMag, Editor of GenderTrender

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November 28, 2012
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May 27, 2013

A Challenge to GallusMag, Editor of GenderTrender

Apparently I’ve made the big time. I discovered that GallusMag, self-identified RadFem (TERF), RadFem opinion leader and co-founder of RadFemHub, has attempted to troll me on her infamous TERF blog, GenderTrender. According to GallusMag, I have huge sweaty balls, I’m a man, I hate lesbians and gays, I hate feminists most of all, I have a sexualized image of myself as a woman, that I’m known for my advocacy for men’s rights, that my greatest desire is to be a sexy lady, that I’ve spent years blogging about how women, gay people and feminists deprive me of an entitlement to womanhood, that I’m a sexual fetishist and that I’m mean-spirited.  She goes on to make up quotes to attribute to me. She claims that I assert that the definition of a woman is a person who embodies sexualized porn stereotypes of females.

GallusMag’s MO is to rely upon insults while making ad hominem attacks as a puerile substitution for actual debate. Instead of thoughtfully responding to specific criticism I’ve made of TERF ideology she, of course, held true to her demonstrable abilities.

According to GallusMag I, in addition to my actual Reddit account, troll reddit under various names including GroovemasterGeneral and I’mNotanMRAbut. Does she cite any evidence to support her fact assertion? Nope.  All the world is apparently expected to accept her fact assertion of on faith alone.

For the record, my Reddit account is Two- and it’s not like I’ve made that a secret. Are the other two accounts mine? Nope. Can I prove that they’re not? Nope. I could suggest that rational folks look up the accounts and compare writing styles, but is that enough to definitively disprove her fact assertion? Nope. I could point out that I have a long history of being direct about my opinions while having the courage to own them without hiding behind a fake identity GallusMag-style. However, that’s not enough to definitively disprove her fact assertion either, is it? Nope – and I’m sure that she knows it.

Slow clap for the ol' disproving a negative routine

the ol’ disproving a negative routine

That GallusMag’s evidence-free fact assertions can’t be disproven is useful to her narrative.  Should someone on Reddit say something about TERFs, GallusMag can simply attribute those posts to me and never have to deal with any criticism I actually make. Not only does she get to pretend that she has awesome investigative skills which exposed me with laser-like precision, she gets to do it in such a way that can never be definitively disproved.

It came out of my head therefore it must be true!

It came out of GM’s head so it must be true!

GallusMag seems to think that strawman arguments, misrepresentations of fact and strongly made assertions makes her right. If I had to guess, I’d bet that GallusMag thinks that’s how normal people behave. I’d also guess that GallusMag thinks that making baseless accusations is the way reasonable adults support their debate positions in the marketplace of ideas.

Personally, I think it’s cowardly and dishonest. I think it’s what simple people do when they don’t possess the ability to rationally respond. Moreover, I think this is probably why GallusMag’s opinions don’t get to count to anyone of consequence – not even to the likes of TERF-extraordinaire, Cathy Brennan:

Recently, in a fit of whatever rageful demons motivate her, the pseudoanonymous blogger Gallus Mag ad hominemed me relentlessly on Twitter (“coincidentally” after my lawyer sent her a letter telling her never to contact me again)… Haters hate, trollers troll, Gallus galls… So thanks Gallus! You are a bona fide lunatic, but you have inspired hours of LOLs. – Cathy Brennan

As for me and MRAs, I’ve made my thoughts about them clear and MRAs don’t seem to like what I have to say about them.

My Challenge to GallusMag:

If you actually possesses the courage of your convictions, I’ll gladly public debate you live on a Google Hangout so that everyone can enjoy watching you display your own special view of reality. Let’s debate the criticisms that you’ve failed to actually address. If you feel that you need to advantage yourself by publicly hiding during the debate, you could always use an avatar on camera while I own my public words with my real identity. Debate me live so that all your supporters can watch you articulate your points in that very special way you’re known for. Be their champion, GallusMag.

Let us be free to debate transgenderism without being accused of ‘hate speech’ – GallusMag’s Blog  in 2012

So far, GallusMag has been ducking an honest debate about transgenderism for 1737 days 11 hours 23 minutes 48 seconds.

Yes, let us be free to debate transgenderism. I’ll agree to not refer to your debate rhetoric as hate speech, you’ll get to continue to hide while spewing whatever foulness you like and I will debate you honestly and openly. I know that you must be really busy, so I’ll be happy to move my schedule around to accommodate yours.

Will you fail to live up to your supposed convictions and if so, I wonder what excuse you’ll use that will be most pleasing to your audience. Will you pretend that rejecting my challenge is the radically feminist to do because debates are somehow male-centric? Maybe you’ll say that you’re too offended by my open challenge. Maybe you’ll pretend that the reason you’re backing out is a lack of trust, logistics or any other reason you can think of that will allow you to save face while you abandon your supposed convictions. Maybe you’ll just pretend to ignore this debate challenge.

My debate invitation will remain open to you. If at some point you work up the courage to stand firm upon your convictions and face me live (even if you have to hide behind an avatar to do it), I’ll be happy to allow you to prove just how clever you believe yourself to be. Think of it. You’ll get to hide behind a fake face and fake identity while publicly putting me in my place in front of a live audience – all while I’m forced to own my words, actions and views by publicly debating you live.

What have you got to lose, GallusMag? So, how about it?


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  2. @IranLGBT says:

    A Challenge to GallusMag, Editor of GenderTrender http://t.co/umw9AGA7kS

  3. RT @AutumnSandeen: Via @cristanwilliams A Challenge to GallusMag, Editor of GenderTrender http://t.co/uYO97nIAsa #girlslikeus #trans

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  5. I wouldn’t hold my breath on GallusMag taking you up on your challenge, Cristan. I think you pretty much nailed the courses or how she’s going to weasel out of debating you.

    You’ve offered perhaps more grace to Gallus than I would. The attacks publicly out trans people behind her own wall of annomininity — to me that marks a kind of cowardice of hiding her identity in a way that the out trans people she derides don’t. Having actually had Cathy Brennan participate in cyberharassing me, I know I have experience that tells me radical feminist separatists can, and sometimes take their hate rehetroic into action.

    Hey, let’s see if she really wants to debate trans community member or if she just wants to continue to lob verbal “bombs” as red meat for her community echo chamber. Again, I don’t thing GallusMag has the courage to take up your challenge to speak to anyone outside of her echo chamber. I hope we’re proven wrong on that count, but I agree with you that I doubt we.will be.

  6. A Challenge to GallusMag, Editor of GenderTrender http://t.co/tfGxj50h3y

  7. RT @cristanwilliams: A Challenge to @GallusMag, Editor of GenderTrender http://t.co/K1oxoo8her #trans #RadFem2013

  8. Who the hell are these Lesbian TERF haters and why are they attacking Transgender activist and bloggers? Lesbians… http://t.co/A80qCv6Fku

  9. A Challenge to GallusMag, Editor of GenderTrender: http://t.co/yLSf7v4ZKN #Radfem2013 #TERF

  10. RT @cristanwilliams: A Challenge to @GallusMag, Editor of GenderTrender http://t.co/K1oxoo8her #trans #RadFem2013

  11. DarlieB says:

    Let me come.

  12. BettyPageisaBlonde says:

    Aw, damn. My wife and I got trolled by her not too long ago. She’s pretty damn repellant. Good on you for not just telling her to go f herself. I wanted to, but there’s no point. Anyone who hides behind anonymity to post hateful things is a coward of the first order and won’t ever engage in honest debate.

  13. DarlieB says:

    I found they have a moderation problem. Seems my responses were not approved so I have started my own site gendertrenders site .


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  15. Hexydezimal says:

    She may not take you up on this, but I will.

    Not that I’m planning to make a habit of this, mind you.

    • Cristan says:

      It’s good to hear from you again. I hope that the past year or two has been good to you. I hope that you’re happy, Zoe.

      What assertion would you like to debate?

      • Hexydezimal says:

        I’ve been better, but can’t complain. I see the raddie fem squad is still just as sad and pathetic in my absence. You can only imagine my satisfaction at seeing them call Brennan a psycho, for instance… something you know I was doing years ago.

        Truth is, they’re as sociopathic and elitist as she is. An easy fact to see, because no apology was forthcoming for all the transgender and transsexual folks they thought it appropriate for Brennan to stalk and out the information of. What kind of inhuman monsters only feel sympathy for those within their own little group?

        I’ll let you answer that.

        I am willing to debate the finer points of the transgender community’s positions in general, but it should be made clear that I have nothing to do with Gallus Mag.

        • Cristan says:

          I’m happy to hear that you’re doing well!

          If you’d like to proffer an explicit position to debate, I’ll be happy to work with you in scheduling a debate time that works for our schedules.

    • DarlieB says:

      Wonderful, I’ve been having a conversation with Victoria Brownworth and simultaneously with Rebbeca’s Army owner on FB. Seems Gallus Mag has a bit of a truth problem and when I finish with HIM it will be the end of that fucking fraud. Seems Gallus attributed anonymous death threats to the Rebbeca’s Army owner when she had absolutely nothing to do with it. Gallus Mag is not only a coward but liar.

      on the other hand Victoria Brownworth rants at me like some KKK member who can barely contain their hate for black people. Ranting about anonymous LATS like they are standing right behind me. Ranting at me in a way that screams mendacity. She also seems totally incapable of answering with a direct answer , rather she tells you how great she is and how she has helped transwomen by buying them condoms and food. It’s like talking to someone on another planet.

      If you want to start with anything Hexydezimal, start with the questions, the ones asked of Victoria by the RA .

      “Would you please explicitly answer the following:

      – Do you consider the tranwomen you’re writing about to be female?

      – Do you think the tranwomen you’re writing about should have access to the women’s restroom?

      – When the tranwomen you’re writing are raped, do you think they should be able to access the same rape services at a women’s center that ciswomen have access to?

      – Do you think the tranwomen you’re writing about should be housed with other women (cis and trans) should they need to stay at a shelter?

      – Do you think the tranwomen should have access to trans-specific health care, including hormones, surgical intervention, etc?

      – Do you think that all transwomen would cease to exist in a truly equal society?

      – Do you think that all transwomen transition because of patriarchy?

      – Are you offended that folks are using a word to mean non-transgender (cisgender)?

      – Do you believe that without cultural norms, people cannot have a subjective experience one’s own physical sex?


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