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September 30, 2011
More History on Trans Terms
February 9, 2012

498 Years Ago This Month

On this month, 498 years ago:

Vasco discovered that the village of Quarequa was stained by the foulest vice. The king’s brother and a number of other courtiers were dressed as women, and according to the accounts of the neighbours shared the same passion. Vasco ordered forty of them to be torn to pieces by dogs. The Spaniards commonly used their dogs in fighting against these naked people, and the dogs threw themselves upon them as though they were wild boars or timid deer. The Spaniards found these animals as ready to share their dangers as did the people of Colophon or Castabara, who trained cohorts of dogs for war; for the dogs were always in the lead and never shirked a fight.

This from Pietro Martire D’Anghiera’s account of Vasco Nunez de Balboa massacre of Native American trans folk which took place October 1513.


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