The Calm Before the Storm

I’ve now had a little over a month to (for the most part) relax and pull myself together after a – lets face it – traumatic event. This is the first time I’ve somewhat unplugged from the needs of the community in years and I feel that it is just about time to jump back into the fire. When the City grant comes in, planning will start and my world will become a nonstop blur for the next year and I’m not looking forward to that chaos at all. I am, however, looking forward to getting things done.

TG Center Kittens!

There are 3 dirty white with stripped tails and gray ears, 1 black with gray marbling and 1 solid back with white socks. How can you possibly pass up on all of that kawaisa?!? You know they are already up on all of the TG stuff too, so no worries there! They only just opened their eyes, so their cute factor is sure to shoot through the roof

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