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June 16, 2011

TG History: June

June 5 1983 – Harvey Fierstein’s play Torch Song Trilogy won the Tony Award for Best Play of the 1982-83 season. June 6 1886 – Annie […]
January 18, 2011

Syntactical Distancing in the Case of Myra Ical

Today, January 18, 2011 marks 1 year since Myra Ical was murdered and still no justice! This case, like many trans murders in Houston, is now […]
November 30, 2010

The Bathroom Police in Houston, Texas

Many of you know that Ms. Moore, a transgender woman, was arrested and thrown in jail for using the bathroom at a Downtown Houston library branch. Many of you don’t know the back-story. Since I’ve now listened to a number or reporters share their misconceptions with me, I thought it was time to set the record straight.
May 15, 2010

TG Archive Donations

So, I recently bought some things for the TG archive. I chipped in to get the original Michel Marie Poulain painting, but I also picked up […]