San Antonio: not as mature as their children

Views: 594For the past month, the adults of San Antonio have been wringing their collective hands in very public displays of “concern” over a city ordinance that would extend equality to *gasp* trans citizens. While the notion of trans/cis equality has set the adult’s tongues awaggin, their children already extend this equality to trans children. […]

Watch the Republican Propaganda Machine Turn On Itself

Views: 1532Recently I’ve seen Republican leaders take a rhetorical sledgehammer to any Republican who dares come off as a non-ideologue extremist. Not only is the consensus at the Republican Governors’ Convention that President Obama won not because Americans agreed with his positions on raising taxes on the rich or healthcare, but because of Obama’s ground game… Republicans think […]

Chronicling 2012 Republican Voter Fraud

Views: 2738This post chronicles efforts by the GOP and their surrogates to systematically and fraudulently stop Democrats from voting: True The Vote – a Republican poll-watching org (see other TTV issues below) – just got caught committing voter fraud, was banned from operating in Franklin County. Caught on video: Voting machine switching Obama votes to Romney votes: Pensilvania Republicans trying to stop […]

Jan 2, 2013: Republicans, Transgender People, HIV & Death

Views: 2580So, you know how awesome the GOP is for coming up with the Sequestration on January 2? If that happens, this is what WILL occur in HIV:  15,708 people would lose access to crucial life-saving drugs and die.  4,738 households would lose housing support.  460 AIDS research grants would be eliminated. Republicans will return […]

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