The Right-To-Bully Law

Views: 2223The Family Action Council of Tennessee (FACoT) is upset because students who are preacher-programmed homo/transphobes can no longer strut the Tennessee school hallways damning GLBT people to hell due to Tennessee’s anti-bullying law. On their website, FACoT claims: Tennessee law contains several provisions designed to prevent bullying in schools.   These provisions define what constitutes bullying; require school districts […]

Attitudes about TS and CD People as a Group in 1959

Views: 2895Some claim that the reason transsexual people have not yet gained full equality under the law is that there exists a word that is inclusive of both transsexuals with crossdressers: “transgender”. In their minds, it is this tangential connection to the crossdresser – not the oppressive system – that’s the problem.  How rooted in […]

A Covenant House Win!

Views: 3169Over the past week, I’ve struggled with the best way to recount the long and sometimes painful story of how Houston’s Covenant House youth shelter began supporting Houston’s homeless transgender youth population. My own history as an advocate within the transgender community is directly tied to Covenant House’s refusal to shelter homeless transgender youth. I believe […]

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