Douchebag of the Year: Manuel Rodriguez Jr.

Views: 1765The Houston Press just came out with their much more PC version of this blog post title, “Turkey of the Year.” Unfortunately,  I didn’t think that Turkey of the Year properly conveyed the disgusting behavior of this Houston Independent School District Board member, Manuel Rodriguez Jr. So, instead of calling him a turkey, I’m […]

Dr. Heir Stephan Hotze on 1041 BASH AM Radio

Views: 1439A radio interview with arch right-wing anti-trans Republican financial backer Steven Hotze’s  brother, Dr. Heir Stephan Hotze:   Steven Hotze is a hatemonger. For nearly twenty five years he has stoked the flames of bigotry in this community like no other local politico. In the mid-1980’s he masterminded the repeal of the City […]

Truth Wins Out Radio: Ex-Transgender Radio

Views: 2951I find the response that I’ve had to this is really interesting. After folks like pop-psychologist (trained in criminal psychology and practices a Chris Angel-like therapy called “Street Therapy”) Dr. Keith Ablow was given an extraordinary platform via Fox News and tell parents that their children could catch transsexualism from watching Chaz Bono on […]

Thank You Phyllis Frye

Views: 3589Thirty-one years ago today, Judge Phyllis Frye – the first openly trans judge in Texas – was able to get the Houston crossdressing ordinance overturned: – Click to for detail – Thank you Phyllis for everything you’ve done… from pioneering the field of transgender law through ICLEPT to making it safer for trans folk […]

Hate Group + Accused Child Abuser = $$$

Views: 4708The Christian right-wing has sunk to a new low. I’ve noted before that these groups aren’t above lying or pimping  child rape victims in their never-ending quest to line their pockets. At one time, I thought that Ruth Jacobs was the lowest in a cesspool of nutty BS, but Eugene Delgaudio has surpassed Jacobs […]