Transgender Timeline

Views: 5082This is a quick reference guide to the development of the trans+gender lexical compound: 1960s 1965: Transgenderism = Transsexual 1969: Transgenderal = Full-Time Non-Op 1970s 1970: Transgendered = Transsexual 1974: Transgender = Umbrella Term 1974: Transgender = Umbrella Term 1975: Transgenderism = Umbrella Term 1975: Transgender = Cross-gender 1975: Transgenderism = Umbrella Term 1975: Transgenderist = […]

Tracking Transgender: The Historical Truth

Views: 75373/25/12 – Rough Draft: Thoughts on this rough draft are appreciated! While the thesis will remain (meme transference and diffusion via opinion leaders) I’ll continue cleaning up typos and structure for a bit. If you feel that I need to cover something that I’m not covering or that I need to cover something differently, please […]

An Intro: “Transgender” During the 1990s

Views: 4215For the past few months, I’ve made available a number of never-before-considered documents that reviewed the true roots of the word “transgender”. The Myth The term “transgender” was coined by a heterosexual crossdresser chauvinist who hated transsexual people, Virginia Prince. The term was explicitly created to refer to other heterosexual crossdressers like Prince. Therefore, […]