Show some love the Trans Center & Archive!

Views: 11116During the holiday season, show some love the Trans Center. Please join me in being a monthly subscriber through a PayPal subscription: VIP $25: Friend $10: Donor $5: Sponsor $100: Elite $250: Patron $500: I’ve been a substantial donor to the center for years and It’s my goal to ensure that everyone knows that […]

Cotton Ceiling: Uncovering the trans conspiracy to rape lesbians

Views: 23836The mere mention of the “cotton ceiling” should send rapey shivers up your spine. If you’ve not heard of it here’s the lowdown from feminists: Transgender cotton ceiling rapists hold male-only (Planned Parenthood sponsored) seminars, write books, host lecture tours, and endlessly spam lesbian websites and blogs with rape and murder threats over lack of […]

Sheila Jeffreys and Transsexualism: LULZ

Views: 1207I want to take a moment to thank the lesbians in Sheila Jeffreys’ community for pioneering transsexual surgery. [soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /] This is from an interview I did with the out gay individual who collaborated with with the lesbians from Jefferys’ community to create the first gender treatment center […]

Photo Review of Trans Activism

Views: 20527Katy Stewart from the Texas Transgender Education Network asked me for some trans activism images for a project she’s working for. I thought I’d share them since (IMHO) they’re all interesting and some of them have not seen the light of day for 40 years: The Queens Liberation Front was an action arm of […]

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