April 9, 2013

Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival

Most of the Womyn that come to fest really don’t care whether you’re straight or not as long as your not trans. – D.M., Festival Supporter, […]
August 18, 2012

The American Psychiatric Association, RadFems and Fundies

Houston, we have a problem. Or, I should say that RadFems and Fundies have a problem on their hands. You might have missed it, but the American Psychiatric […]
January 21, 2012

Equality = Bathroom Bills = Rape: Reality Check

Protections will allow men to dress as women “… in order to perpetrate crimes of homicide, rape, robbery [and] assault…” Sound familiar? It sounds like the […]
January 12, 2012

Separatists and Fundamentalists

As some of you know some Separatists recently colluded in a bid to have the United Nations remove trans protections based upon gender identity and expression. Dana Lane Taylor, Cathy […]