Wherein TERFs support death threats and violence

Views: 657TERFs are falling over themselves because Fallon Fox has been beaten in the ring just once and like all MMA fighters, she boasts about her victories. TERFs, in order to pretend that this equates to male violence against women, equivocate about her MMA career in order to claim that Fox is a part of […]

A conversation with a “gender critical” trans woman

Views: 331“Gender Critical Feminist” is the euphemism TERFs use to describe themselves and is a movement of TERFs and their sycophantic crew of intersex and trans quislings who are exempted from being LOL’d at as long as they agree to occupy a subordinate position within the group. This group believes that there is a binary sexed essence […]

FAQs: the RuPaul edition

Views: 1468Today I published a piece on the TransAdvocate titled, Faggot Ru Paul: trannys need to “get stronger”. Because I viscerally know the power of those two terms faggot and tranny, I wanted to post a FAQ to be part of the article. In actuality, this will probably be more of a FAC (frequently asserted criticisms) […]

HuffPo contributor, attempts to hide her TERF activities

Views: 3511Until recently, this page contained proof of a TERF academic trolling a suicidal trans person. This individual contacted my host with their attorneys and had this content censored.  I totally understand why one might want to hide evidence which seems to show a TERF academic know for their human rights activities in the act of […]

On being Cristan

Views: 1546It’s been months since I’ve done an update, so here goes: Most recently, I was included in the trans 100 list. It was kinda cool to get a personal congratulations from Fallon Fox: I got to see the final proof of the piece I’ll have in the Transgender Studies Quarterly journal and The Queer […]

Cathy Brennan attempts to censor LGBT magazine

Views: 6516OutSmart magazine asked me to write a piece on the TERF phenomena. My 2500+ word article featured just two sentences that mentioned Cathy Brennan’s behavior. Cathy Brennan – a Maryland attorney, activist, leader and a public face of TERFism – is demanding that my article be edited so that it remains silent about her behavior […]

Show some love the Trans Center & Archive!

Views: 11285During the holiday season, show some love the Trans Center. Please join me in being a monthly subscriber through a PayPal subscription: VIP $25: http://tinyurl.com/ohbm2ua Friend $10: http://tinyurl.com/pn8vcmr Donor $5: http://tinyurl.com/q8zkpqp Sponsor $100: http://tinyurl.com/omgljht Elite $250: http://tinyurl.com/qymrj5g Patron $500: http://tinyurl.com/njy5etp I’ve been a substantial donor to the center for years and It’s my goal to ensure that everyone knows that […]