A conversation with a “gender critical” trans woman

FAQs: the RuPaul edition
May 23, 2014
“Gender Critical Feminism” = Heteronormative Sex Essentialism
October 14, 2014

A conversation with a “gender critical” trans woman

“Gender Critical Feminist” is the euphemism TERFs use to describe themselves and is a movement of TERFs and their sycophantic crew of intersex and trans quislings who are exempted from being LOL’d at as long as they agree to occupy a subordinate position within the group.

This group believes that there is a binary sexed essence which, if present at birth, defines all people. Intersex people, according to this crew, are deformed men and women because sex is a binary and not a continuum. In addition to “Gender Critical Feminists,” they also like to call themselves Radical Feminists (even though they reject the foundational RadFem theorists who rejected a natural sex binary and who were supportive of both intersex and trans people).

I recently had a twitter conversation with one of these trans TERFs, to learn more about the power dynamics between trans tokens and the TERFs they attach themselves to:



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