HuffPo contributor, attempts to hide her TERF activities

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November 16, 2013
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HuffPo contributor, attempts to hide her TERF activities

Until recently, this page contained proof of a TERF academic trolling a suicidal trans person. This individual contacted my host with their attorneys and had this content censored.  I totally understand why one might want to hide evidence which seems to show a TERF academic know for their human rights activities in the act of toying with a suicidal trans women.

It’s possible that, even now, the information that was censored by a TERF is experiencing the Barbra Streisand Effect. You might want to poke around a bit looking elsewhere.

Now, what was it that the TERF movement was saying about being against censorship? I guess that’s just a talking point they use when it’s rhetorically convenient.


  1. danataylor says:

    Holy crap, I had no idea that was her.

  2. […] The above hyperbole is from Julian Vigo, author of a recent a transmisogynistic article featured on the popular Counter Punch site. Apparently in Vigo’s reality, trans people are misogynistic if they dare notice that TERF leadership engages in in-group gender uniformity. While I’d love to hear all about how Vigo is living a gender-free life, I doubt I’ll ever hear something like that from her. Dealing with that issue in her own life isn’t what interests Vigo. Instead, she would rather tell the story of how women are oppressed because TERF gatherings encounter the same issues that any other hate group encounters when they hold a conference.Of course, the other thing Vigo likes to do when she’s not writing books, using her PhD to teach people about respecting other cultures or writing about how trans people oppresses her,  is to pretend to be a “hacker” who trolls suicidal trans people. […]

  3. […] is the content from Cristan Williams’ site that was censored. Here is the post that was originally on this page. HERE is the proof that this person acted to […]

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