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Well, I’m not exactly sure why,  but I found out that I was voted favorite female blogger in Houston by Outsmart Magazine.

It came with a tiara and sash – which I’m wearing right now:


I’ve built myself a throne at the TG Center. My supplicants can… erm… supplicate themselves by entering what used to be the TG Archive room but is now my throne room on their knees while singing an Oompa Loompa song – jazz hands are a plus. If I care to then acknowledge your presence, you may then lay $20 bills and pickles at my feet. If you appease me, I MIGHT favor you with an acknowledgement in one of my blog posts… but probably not.

So, in closing, I feel that decorum dictates that I say “your welcome” for this post as it obviously represents the very best of what Houston has to offer. If you’re not able to come to my throne room, you can mail in the $20s and pickles… just don’t expect me to acknowledge you.

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