Best Anti-Transgender Rant EVER!

History Repeating Itself: We’ve Been Here Before
July 17, 2011
Attitudes about TS and CD People as a Group in 1959
July 19, 2011

Best Anti-Transgender Rant EVER!

I love looking observing the language we use to describe ourselves and I love our history. However, I tend to feel like I’m listening to a young earth creationist when people on the extremist end of the TS-not-TG group because both would rather live in a fantasy world than to deal with reality.

Recently, a TS-not-TG extremist did what creationists do: stick their fingers in their ears a shout “LALALALALALA” as loudly as they can in order to preserve their beliefs about the world. In her response to my recent post on the historical record of the term “transgender” at the Bilerico Project,  this creationist TS-not-TG extremist said:


The claims in the article are questionable.  I honestly find it a bit hard to believe that the references are credible.  It seems a bit suspicious that, just when the concept of “transgender” is on the ropes, there is this “sudden” and “convenient” discovery of the term being used to refer to transsexuals dating back to 1970.  It also seems just a wee bit fishy that images of the articles are provided, not just quotes.  That, of course, reduces the likelihood that someone would bother to actually check out the citations, which are almost all from obscure sources.  I am not saying that they are fake, but it certainly seems possible, perhaps even likely.

Apparently I’ve possibly created fake documents and the reason they’re likely faked is because I provided the actual article instead of simply quoting the article.


While I find the evolution of the terms we use to talk about our experience fascinating, this type of dogma is tiresome, obtuse and counterproductive. People like this make those in the moderate TS-not-TG group look like nuts.

It’s one thing to say, “Hey, I don’t like being referred to as transgender because transsexual is a more exact description of my experience. I don’t care what you call yourself, but please respect my self-identification.” – which is the reasonable stance of moderate TS-not-TG people. But it’s another to attack objective facts when presented with tangible evidence though baseless innuendo and ad hom attacks.

She goes on to write:

It appears that transsexual activists are getting desperate.  The umbrella is falling apart, and it is increasingly obvious that transsexuals do not belong in the same group as a bunch of men in dresses.  But that does not mean they will give up…

If she didn’t like the article on the historical record of the term “transgender”, I’m guessing that her head will explode with she reads my next Bilerico article on the historical record of the TG community.


  1. I stand by what I posted…with one exception. I meant to say "transgender activists are getting desperate, not "transsexual." You might want to correct your post.

    • Instead of making unsubstantiated conjectures, why not fact-check me?

      • zoebrain says:

        Most of the data is sourced from the Houston Transgender History Archive, I assume? 604 Pacific Street ? The Library of Congress should have copies of at least some of the articles too. Some should be in "Early American Newspapers. Series I, 1690-1876." – which is even available through the Australian National Library.

        Before libelling someone, try checking. The fact that the sources, dates, and authors were all revealed allows this.[youtube DOPbNApAR_Y youtube]

  2. NYF says:

    I'm sorry it's hard to attach validity to articles from some unknown source since there are no mastheads.
    I live in a large city and the library has over 100 different papers on microfiche some go back over 150 years.
    To simply post jpegs of clippings that do not contain any means of checking them would hardly stand up as fact.

    • *facepalm*

      Did you even bother to look at the article? It has both citations AND scans of each. Do I need to locate the original author of each and video tape them while they're taking a lie detector test?!? My god, you people are unbelievable!

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