The Borg’s Evil Plans Uncovered!

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June 29, 2011
Transsexuals as part of the TG Community: 1972
July 5, 2011

The Borg’s Evil Plans Uncovered!

Dear Readers –

As you know, the transsexual community is under constant attack from the Borg collective known as the “transgender community”. I have now uncovered undeniable proof that those damn nonsensical transgender people have been working to enslave the transsexual community since at least 1986 when this group of gender terrorists declared their treasonous intentions. Behold the evil that is the transgender Borg collective:

Houston-20110704-00035 It’s chilling! This decoration of war was issued to the transsexual community in issue number 49 of something called the “TV-TS Tapestry.” You know the magazine seeks to subvert the transsexual identity because it lists Transvestites first in their name before Transsexuals. Obviously this reflects the desire of transvestites to obfuscate what it means to be transsexual!

Clearly these goals, should they be achieved in any form, would destroy the lives of each and ever transsexual (and by “transsexual” I of course mean TRUE post-op transsexuals). Thank goodness that the “transgender community” has been completely ineffective in obtaining any of their selfish goals!

(Do I really need to explain that my commentary on this mid-1980s peek into the goals, values and vision of the transgender community is satire?)

Historical Document Disclaimer:

As I continue to publish historical documents relevant to the debates going on around the term transgender, I will include this disclaimer in hopes that it will cut down on having my position strawmaned to death.

The ideas found within the transgender community came from somewhere; they didn’t magically pop into existence on January 1, 1990. My intent in posting these historical documents is to dispel some historical inaccuracies some within the TS-not-TG group continue to popularize. I continuously find ideas that are purported to have originated within the so-called “transgender Borg”/“slave master” community sometime in the early 1990s and which was then supposedly thrust upon an unsuspecting transsexual community were in fact, championed by transsexuals leaders prior to 1990.

I find that I agree with practically everything those in the moderate TS-not-TG group claim with one exception. Many assert that the “transgender umbrella” idea doesn’t refer to a group of unique allies who find unity in a common cause; rather, many in the TS-not-TG group simply assert that the term “transgender” robs all transsexuals of their unique experience. In fact, most transsexuals do not feel that the we should be segregated away from all of our allies in our continued fight for equality and, as these historical documents continue to reveal, transsexual people of history do not see a need to rip the transsexual community away from other communities to go it alone.

For a view that very closely resembles my own views on this issue, check out The Death of the “Transgender Umbrella” by Mercedes Allen. My reservations about this article are summed up nicely within the comment section by Dr. Jillian Weiss:

Great article, but you can’t create a movement to “not be transgender.” Critique is valuable, but by itself, it can only alter an existing movement, not build one of its own. Movements have to be for something. If we could create a viable “transsexual movement,” I’m for it. But it is unlikely that such a movement can occur at this point in time. Very unlikely. Although I agree with the idea on a theoretical basis, I don’t think it will ever go beyond talk.

So, if you take Allen’s article and combine it with what Weiss had to add, you’d have an almost perfect representation of my views concerning the TS-not-TG debate.


  1. Wait, someone actually viewed a dial-in BBS with a 1-800 number as "the future"?

  2. Ashley King says:

    Those b@$*@**s! I knew they were up to something! Thank you for uncovering this sinister plot.

  3. gypsyrose1972 says:

    I know! TRUE transsexuals are being conned, colonized and collectivized! The ONLY solution for this dire situation is for me to sit behind my computer and tell transsexuals that the reason their life is hard is because of people like this “JoAnn Roberts” character made their lives hard. If everyone would just do exactly what I tell them to do, then TRUE transsexuals will be free!!!

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